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Bio-mixers and Shredders for Composting


Composting shredder/bio-mixer offers a simple, reliable and economic means of waste recycling and a significant reduction of the volume of material in preparation for conventional and in vessel composting.


Shredder/bio-mixers grind, mulch and mix biodegradable products, from grass mowings, roots and soil to ten inch diameter tree loppings, pallets, waste paper etc.


  • Reliability: proven track record machinery. There are testimonies of machines still running with over 170.000 TN of waste treated

  • Versatility: different versions available; electric, diesel, PTO powered by tractor, static, transportable/trailed, in vessel machines, hydraulic or mechanic transmission, etc.

  • Simplicity: one man operation

  • Unique performance: 4 auger shredding and mixing system which rotate in the same direction reducing significantly the horsepower requirement and optimizing the capacity of the mixing hopper compared with 2 auger systems

  • R+D: tailor made design depending on client requirements. A clear example is our latest model to treat sludge waste, which has a heating hopper that dries out the material and accelerates the composting process reducing the time needed for fermentation

  • Wide production range: 10-120 m³/h (mixing flow)

  • Low operational cost: 0,5 €/TN

  • Very low noise level: - 79 dB (A) at operators position

  • Flexibility: cranes, autocharge systems with hydraulic hopper, automatic weight system to mix different materials in the correct proportions, etc.

mezcladora compostaje

Appplication areas

  • Sludge composting, organic waste composting (from Municipal Waste), green composting, animal manure composting, green waste composting, biowaste composting, biodegradable products of any kind, etc

  • Ideal machinery to reduce transport costs due to volume reducing (4 to 1) of the waste

  • Biomass plants to generate energy or Zoos that want to transform the waste they produce (green and organic waste) into natural high quality compost for their green areas





biotrituradora de compostaje
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