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Lane Turner Machine for Composting

Main features


  • Unique composting system through inclined vibrating conveyor that oxygenates, shreds and mixes the material while passing through material becomes porous and spongy so to improve and accelerate the aerobic composting process

  • Dynamic composting process for large waste productions: 20.000- 250.000 TN/year

  • The exclusive inclined vibrating conveyor system allows composting for bulky and humid material such as sludge from Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) and similar organic materials

  • Accelerated composting system within 21-28 days

  • Heterogeneous material processing: organic waste for MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), Sludge from any nature, animal manure, green waste, etc

  • Maximum material hygienization: temperature rises up to 70º Celsius as required by the Composting European Commission

Compost turner
Windrow composting
Lane turner


  • Over 30 years of experience in manufacturing composting machinery

  • Electric model for Lane Turner Composting and diesel model for crawler track machines which permit triangular pile dimensions up to 6.5 width and 3 m. height

  • Wide model range: 2 to 4 m. vibrating conveyor width for Lane turner composting which grant high production ranges

  • Reliable machine to meet continuous functioning under heavy operation conditions and grant production standards

  • Outstanding performance and low operating costs related to volume/cost range


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