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Main features


  • Strong, compact and reliable machine

  • Simple to use

  • Handy and easy to move, easy to load on lorry or van

  • Cutting system formed by hammers

  • Wide production range: 10-60 m3/h

  • Input branch diameter dimensions: 10- 20 cm.

  • Electric start if needed

  • Automatic feeding system if needed

  • No-stress device that automatically adjusts the speed of the roller according to the mulching efforts

  • Central automatic lubrication system

  • Diesel, gasoline or PTO versions available

  • May be equipped with homologated trailer- 80 km/h with adjustable height drawbar

Bioshredders and Chippers for Green Waste

Application areas



  • Green waste shredding: nude branches, leafe-branches, leaves in general, fibrous vegetal materials as palm leaves, logs, tree trunks, etc.


compost screener
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