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Compost Turners



Robust compost turners for accelerated composting process, offering an outstanding performance with the best value for money machines in the market.  


Ritorna Medio Ambiente offers a wide range of compost turners, from self-propelled versions to towable versions depending on the needs of the client.


  • Wide production range: 500- 2.500 m³/h, up to 3 m. high and 6,8 m. width piles

  • Adaptability: self propelled or tractor pulled (PTO) compost turner machines, highly efficient turning in all materials

  • Simple and reliable system: unique turning roll in Hardox wear-resistant material. It shreds, mixes and oxigenates the material so that accelerates the composting process

  • Large number of optionals available: crawler track, on- board watering system, automatic flee covering- uncovering system, wide and confortable folding cockpits, remote control functioning, etc.

  • Surface optimization: rear- wheel drive and front steering system allows a rotation of 360° on the machine´s axis

  • Low maintenance and great efficiency: low fuel consumption, long durability wear parts, simple and economic maintenance

compost turner

Application areas


  • Sewage sludge composting from WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plants), organic waste composting from MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), green composting, animal manure composting, green waste composting, digestate composting, biowaste composting, biodegradable products of any kind, etc

  • Townships, neighbourhoods, farms, zoos, etc, that want to transform the waste they produce (green and organic waste) into natural high quality compost for their green areas







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