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Pre- shredder for Industrial Waste

Primary and secondary shredders in both versions, single and double shaft shredders with a wide production range depending on Client´s demand.

pre triturador residuos
  • Suitable for processing a wide variety of materials and waste to recycle and reduce size and volume

  • Slow-speed single-shaft shredding system with no blockages that assures a precise final size

  • Simple and economic maintenance: interchangeable and reversible blades and counter-blades for a quick and economic substitution

  • Patented rotor designs to increase performance

  • Versatility: hydraulic or mechanical driven

  • Wide production range: : 5 TN/h- 30 TN/h


Application areas


  • Applications: gross volume waste, tyres out of service, wooden waste and biomass, W.E.E.E (Electronic and Electric domestic waste, PC´s, fridges, refrigerators, washing-machines, etc), SFR (Solid Fuel Recovered) production (Waste to Energy), electric wire, copper waste, plastic and metal tanks, aluminium scrap, iron scrap, hospital `s waste, agricultural textile, Big Bags, plastic scrap of any kind, paper and cardboard

  • Waste treatment plants, SFR (Solid Recovered Fuel) Production Plants (Waste to Energy) for intensive energy industries such as Cement Factories, Biostabilization Plants, Biomass Plants, Paper Industry, Wood Industry, Metal Industry, etc

industrial grinder
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